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LaGrange, Ohio 44050


Previous location of the Historical Society was located here at the Old Glory Grange Hall, 113 South Center Street, LaGrange, Ohio.

The LaGrange Historical Society has used this hall for the past few years. The LaGrange Historical Society has now moved from the Grange Hall to the LaGrange Village Administrative
Building (aka old school). The new location address is 301 Liberty Street, LaGrange, Ohio. The organizational meetings are the second Thursday of the month, at 7 o'clock, at this location.
Enter at the east end of the building by the bus garage. Attending members have been wearing masks if you would wish to attend. Our mailing address is LaGrange Historical Society,
P.O. Box 791, LaGrange, Ohio 44050. Dues to join are $10.00 per family



Take a look at "Old LaGrange" pictures with script here. (Note: this is a .pdf file)



Example of a general farm in the 1930-40's in LaGrange Township. In 1874, the land upon this farm lies was owned by Heirs of Jas Waite


Born on a farm in LaGrange Township was only a part of what was to happen in lifes' experiences! First to get to that point was a long journey from Abbe Road, Elyria with a herd of dairy cattle going down Middle Avenue and onward on Route 301 South to the West side of LaGrange.The journey took over two days with a stop of farm animals and the care takers of livestock staying overnight at 301 and Route 10. The trip was grueling with mud roads and a few large mudholes in the passage. All went well and the fun began.

The years in Lorain County area during the late 1930's and early 1940's were very agrarian with many of the farms having just a few acres and most likely dairy animals and a few pigs, beef and smaller animals as well. Small flocks of chickens were kept to produce eggs for the family plus possible sales to local grocery stores for retailing. Several dairy farms produced enogh milk to ship in 10 gallon milk cans. The cans of milk were stored on the farm in large water tanks with ice added to keep the milk cool. Much of the milk was shipped by horse carts and trucks to area-wide cheese plants for processing. Milk in cans were also shipped on train to Cleveland plants for city dwellers to have a supply of dairy products too!



INTERESTING LINKS from Known Public Domains:

Here is LaGrange and Township in 1874! Clicking on the map increases size to read.

Link to LaGrange History Presented By Dorothy McKee Buswell

Find your township or village map online here!



This scale was donated to The LaGrange Historical Society by Jerry and Linda Long. The scale was used to weigh meats and cheeses plus other food items.
This scale was purchased at the sale of Adams General Store in the mid-60's. The Adams General Store was last operated by Charles Adams and his family.
A very general store back in the days of LaGrange history! The scale had recently spent time at Biggs Rd., LaGrange, Ohio; Creston, Iowa; Tipton, Iowa;
West Branch, Iowa;and prior to delivery to LaGrange, in West Unity, Ohio!


An Autobiography (a pre-notice edition nearing completion)!



My Mickey MouseClock from the 1940's


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