Class Wills of the LaGrange, Ohio 1958 Graduation Class!


I, Judy Gregory, do hereby will my smile and extra-ordinary loud laugh to Karen Kellogg; my position as cheerleading captain to Elaine Adams or Karen Wolcott, and my ability to be moved to the front of study halls to my sister, Janet.

I, Lora Heath, will my long hair to Janet Gregory; my position on the newspaper and annual staff to anyone who likes to write, and last but not least, I will my musical ability to the ash can.

I, Jim Jamison, will my football position to the lucky one who holds the best position on the team.

I, George Chuha, will my torn books to Jerry Lacko.

I, Chuck Hemp, will my flying tennis shoes to Ernie Thomas.

I, Don Lacko, leave my car to anyone that can afford to fix it and my success to find a wonderful girl for Jerry Lacko.

I, Barbara Neitzke, leave my place in the majorette line and burns from my fire baton to Ruth Ann Sooy, and the letters from the Navy to Karen Smith.

I, Marlene Weigle, will my ability to get both feet off the bus before itís halfway down the road to any student riding Erving Lauerís bus; to any student with excess padding, I leave my diet books and calorie charts, in hopes that they may put them to better advantage than I did.

I, Patsy Rader, will to Daren Malcomb my long hair; my shorthand notes to anyone who can read them; my position as Homecoming Queen to any deserving Junior.

I, Joan Mohrman, do hereby will my Shorthand book to Rea Davis; my American Government book to Loretta Howard, and my long hair to Carol Ratcil.

I, Wayne McMullen, do hereby will to Dennis Bell my ability to get along with girls, and my place on the newspaper staff to David Lindsey.

I, Bonnie Runnels, do hereby will my Shorthand book to any junior, and my blonde hair to Loreeta Howard.

I, Cloya Scott, do hereby will my nickname "Cookie" to any crumb who wants it, and my dates after the ball games to Carol Ratcil.

I, Jean Jones, do hereby will to Barbara Forbush my liking for math, and for Larry Wilson my position in band.

I, Eloise Mitchell, will my natural curly hair to Evelyn Fields, and my quietness to Karen Smith and Elaine Adams.

I, Shirley Hildebrandt, will my second year shorthand book to Rita Dunlap in hopes she will get more out of it, and my height to Jerry Bobel.

I, Sherry Prindle, will my part in sextet to Linda Gatz, and my ability to spell the word "Hallelujah" to David Walkden.

I, Geraldine Lauer, will my ability to drive to my sister and my seat in Government class to Jeannette Bemis.

I, Carol Crayton, will my worn out typing eraser to anyone who wants it.

I, Nancy Tompkins, do hereby will my love for chemistry to Gene Paluch and my driverís license to Karen Wolcott.

I, Sue Mokren, do hereby will my position as cheerleading captain to the senior cheerleaders, my grades to Rita Dunlap, and my chair in the band to Jeanette Bemis with the hope she can improve herself more than I did.

I, Lee Wolf, will my Vo-ag classes to Jim Knapp.

I, Bobbi Evans, will my "natural" black hair to Shorley Smith and my long memory to Linda Sooy.

I, Butch Rowe, do hereby will my speech book to any idiot who is fool enough to take it; my ability to get to school on time every morning to Gene Paluch, and my red hair to Jim Corona.

I, Bobbie Larkins, do hereby will all my burns from my fire baton to Marcia Meeks; my love for DAís to Ruth Ann Sooy, and my ability to get along with the teachers and stay out of trouble to "Gene Paluch".

I, Robert Bell, do hereby will my basketball position to Otie Mekoleski; and my convertible to anyone who can afford to buy a top for it.

I, Jerry Long, hereby will my dairy herd and ability to milk cows to David Walkden, and my senior class books to Mr. David Smith.

I, Richard Owens, will my two English classes to Jim Winters to do for me, and my tackle position on the football team to Otie Mekoleski.

I, Charles Mekoleski III, upon leaving LaGrange High and being of sound mind, leave this as my last will and testimony, and to Lyle Smith my jersey 29.

I, Trudy Kopp, do hereby will my love for the song "So Young" to Clark Ekleberry; my high waistline to Gene Paluch, and all my summer band practices to Janet Gregory.

I, Alex Moran, leave my intelligence and ability to stay out of trouble to one Clark Ekleberry who is in bad need of both.

I, Sue MeMullen, do hereby will all my ability to go with one boy all through high school to Jeanne Buttle; my height to Gale Smith, and my place on the newspaper staff to Clete Johnson.

I, Bernie Posey, will my ability to get along with girls to Earl Gould, my í40 Dodge to anyone who can keep gas in it.

I, Carol Chapler, will my shortness to Bobbie Hignet, and my seat in Government to a lucky "Senior".

I, Bill Darby, will my love for Oldsmobiles to Bill Dunbar, and my love for "Hot-rods" to Aret Williams.

I, Bill Cooke, will my flat feet to Ernie Thomas, and my football pants to David Jackson.

I, Darius Nutt, do hereby will my love for a Nash to Chuck Dunbar, and my ability to get along with girls to Gene Paluch.

I, Winfred Mueller, will my intelligence to Donna Sheldon who is a real sweet gal in LaGrange High School.

I, John W. Braeudigan II, will my estate to the following: my football suit to Dave Walkden; map of Elyria to Jim Corona, and my waste paper to "Dutch".

I, Eddie Pelton, do hereby will my position on the newspaper staff to Clete Johnson; my membership in the National Honor Society to any deserving junior or senior, and my class ring to a certain junior.

I, Ralph Siron, do hereby will my wavy hair to Jim Knapp; my HI FI trumpet to Harris Opfer, and my pin-up pictures of Marilyn Monroe to Jack Ratcil.


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