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1958 CLASS REUNION REPORT: 1958 Alumni Association Meeting Event Happened May 3, 2008:

The Alumni Association put on a nice event for the Alumni of LaGrange-Keystone School. The 1958 class was honored and recognized for their achievements and attendence at the meeting. Bernie (William) Posey, Senior President in 1958 recognized those present from the graduating class. Bernie distributed the class handbooks of a description of the graduates and their history of life events! Good job Bernie and Trudy for this information.

Jerry Long gave the history of the class by recognizing the original 10 in the first grade that made it through the 12 years toward graduation. He then gave the remaining members history as to when they entered the class years. 40 graduates made it through the Class Commencement May 25, 1958. Long noted that the Superintendent remained from the first grade on through all 12 years of the graduates.

Those attending the LaGrange-Keystone Alumni Banquet/Reunion on May 3rd, 2008 were:
Wayne McMullen; Barb Nietzke Blake; Lora Heath Sheffield; Bill Darby; Geraldine Lauer Berg; Jean Jones Mattis; Patsy Radar Roose; Ed Pelton; Carol Chapler Brestovansky; Joan Mohrman Scott; Sherry Prindle Seeley; Chuck Mekoleske; Trudy Kopp Roberts; Judy Gregory Blevins; Darius Nutt; Bernie Posey; Suzanne Mokren Summers; Bill Cooke; and, Jerry Long. Robert Yarish also attended as an honorary class military member.

As far as I could tell all enjoyed the evening re-acquainting themselves with their fellow graduates from 50 years ago. Several graduates made the trip to the event over many, many miles of travel.

Thanks to the Alumni Association!!



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